Alien's game

Our P2E UFO Shooter is the leading space-themed blockchain game, with unique NFT UFOs, Skins, Abilities and more. You'll never run out of content to unlock and game modes to play.
(Official Name Pending)

Play to earn / GameFi

Alien Inu's Play to Earn and Gamefi mechanics are top of the line in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

We aim to tackle the metaverse and the virtual worlds within it.
Are you ready to play?

Stake-To-Earn NFTs

Stake-To-Earn exclusive NFTs that are playable within our game,
and others!

Battle it out with your new skins in our multiple game modes!
We're setting the new standard.

High Stakes Gameplay

1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5,
Battle Royale, King of the Hill, Capture The Flag,
Team Deathmatch.

Every. Single. One.
All while wagering ALIEN.

within GameFI

Virtual Reality is the future of gaming, and so is Alien Inu.
Our Shooter will have full compatibility with virtual reality.

The first true blockchain game with this theme and Function.

the alienbase

Alien inu is also creating the Alienbase™.
It will be the central hub for everything related to P2E and blockchain gaming, just like STEAM® is for modern gaming.

The STEAM® of Blockchain gaming

dashboard and daily missions

You'll be able to complete daily missions and track your stats within our platform.

These will earn you points and rewards to go towards exclusive in-game boosts and skins!


Galactic nft marketplace

The market has everything and anything to do with Play-To-Earn and blockchain gaming a like.

We are the power house of it all.
We'll also have a special crates you can open for random skins!


Alien arcade and P2E Games

Our Alien Arcade will feature all the best and upcoming Play-to-Earn and blockchain games.

Our Alliances are centric around this, and we won't stray from that path.
Nothing but top quality projects.


Alliances and

Our Alliances consist of the absolute top of the range projects.
Proof-of-Product is key.

Alienswap will be a place to buy and sell Alien Inu for the best possible prices. Anywhere.


visit the alienbase

Our platform may not be finalized yet, but is Functional within Figma.
Discover what the Alienbase is all about with our interactive model.


Certik AUDIT and KYC

Certik is the leading auditing company within the blockchain and DeFi ecosystem. They also offer a KYC service which Alien Inu has completed.

Ps. make sure to vote secure


Greylien Paper

Our Greylien Paper v2 covers a lot of what we are going to achieve. We Highly recommended to become familiar with it, It will answer a lot of questions you may have.


Tokenomics and FAQ

Total Tokens:


BSC Allocation:


Circulating Supply:


Whaliens Group:

(0.083% Required)

The Taxes and their allocations for Alien Inu:


[Buy 5%] - [Sell 5%]

The current rates have been set to strategically poise Alien Inu in the most beneficial way possible for the community.

These funds are spent on mass marketing campaigns and promotional content, allowing this project to get the recognition it deserves.


[Buy 5%] - [Sell 5%]

Our development tax is for exactly that. Development.

As you can see with the current game and platform we have being developing... this isn't stopping anytime soon. We believe in Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Product, for the community.


[Buy 1%] - [Sell 3%]

We want our community to still feel rewarded for holding. So what's a better way than a 3% Redistribution on sell?

We have decided this to be a fair rate as in all honesty, actual marketing and development is what will truly drives the price upwards.

What else is there to look forward to?

We are rewarding the true holders of Alien Inu, right now!

With recent events and market conditions, we’d like to announce from the 28/02/2022 we’ll be recording Etherscan addresses and their holdings so the qualifying people will be able to earn the ‘Diamond Handed Alien Inu’ NFT Skins (We are still working on the model, please stay tuned).

What are the requirements for this you ask?
1. Rank in the Top 100 on Etherscan
(extended to Top 103 because of non-investor addresses)
2. Reside within the top 100 for at least 3 weeks of the 4 weeks
(We understand people can fall in and out of place near the lower end)

Earn unique community NFTs through telegram activity

👽🏆 Introducing Alien Ranks 🏆👽
Alien Ranks will be based on the actual ranks available in the P2E game.
Stay active in the chat and climb from Space Scout all the way up to Galactic Emperor!
You will earn each rank by accumulating a certain amount of XP.

XP is earned by being active in the chat.
We have a cool-down system in place so just spamming the chat will not earn you XP any faster.
We will have certain times called “Event Horizons” where we will be implementing a multiplier lottery where random messages will be selected and given a large multiplier on the earned XP for that message.

This XP/Ranking system will enable us to run giveaways based on activity in the chat and have future rank specific rewards for those who climb up the ranks. This is just the beginning. Start earning your XP today and stay tuned for fun contests, giveaways, and rewards along the way!

Discover our latest achievements and future goals!

Phase 1:

Token launch / Liq Locked
(1 year)

Coingecko and CMC listings

1000 Telegram Members

1000 Holders

Release First Alien Inu Model

Release First UFO Model

Mass Marketing Campaign

Greylien Paper v1

Website v2 Release

Phase 2:

First CEX Listing (Hotbit)

35% Supply Burn at once

Announcement of Secret
utility (Alienbase)

Website v2

First Ever Play To Earn
Partnership ($SPLINK)

10 Million Market Cap Reached

1500 Telegram Members

1500 Holders

Certik Audit Submitted

Phase 3:

Greylien Paper v2

Play To Earn Partnership #2

Princess Alien Inu Render

Robark Render

Evil Alien Inu Render

Evil Alien Inu UFO Render

2000 Telegram Members

2000 Holders

Certik KYC Submitted

Phase 4:

Alien Base Preview

Galactic Market Place Preview

Alien Ranks Introduced

Strategic Back End
Partnership ($ENGN)

Gameplay Teaser Release

Certik Audit and KYC Completed

Website v3 Launch

Raw 60 Second Footage Release

Phase 5:

FANGs render

Discussions With Major
Marketing Agencies

MAJOR Play-to-Earn game

Whaliens Telegram Group
(Top 100 Etherscan)

Alien Inu Army launched
and successful

Rigged Wireframe Models for
NFT Characters

5000 Telegram Members

Phase 6:

Alien Swap Preview

NFT Collection Development

Staking for NFTs

Alien Alliances Preview

Fully Functioning Alienbase

Alien Arcade Preview

More Model releases

Release of More Animations

Major Marketing Push with
youtubers, twitter and agency.

Phase 7:

Top tier CEX Listing

Binance Smart Chain Bridge

Platform Fully Fleshed out
and responsive

Alien Arcade Lists its first
Play-To-Earn Game

Continued Major Marketing


Preview of Multi-Player
Gameplay Developments

Phase 8:

Public Alpha v0.1

Experimentation with Virtual

Implimentation of Virtual Reality

Further Release of Characters

Completed Lore

Comic Book with illistrations
fully fleshed out with Lore

2nd TOP TIER CEX Listing

First Invasion of New York City

Phase 9:

Platform Fully Developed

Downloadable Client /
launcher for Platform + Game

Mass Marketing Push and
Campaign Continues

First Public Beta Release

Fully Interoperable
Virtual Reality Experience

250 Million MC

Phase 10, 11 and 12
being fleshed out.

Strategic Alliances

Strategic Alliances base themselves upon utility and application for Alien Inu.
They don't specifically revolve around Alien Inu's P2E section, but rather involve a strategic advantage to our project
or important back end materials.

Play-To-Earn Alliances

Play-To-Earn Alliances revolve around actual blockchain and GameFi.
These project are heavily involved within Play-To-Earn and have their own games that are featured on
our Alien Arcade section of our platform, alongside the Alien Alliances section too (In Progress).


Alien Inu's Team

Alien Inu's team has a wide variety of experienced members ranging from Web Designers, Game Developers, High Level Managements, Graphic Designers and Model Developers.


Lead for project planning. Design for the Alienbase platform and website.
Team management and Allocation.


Game Development.
Lead Game director and producer.
Head of graphics and main twitter management.


Supports across project, operations, and marketing strategy.
Oversee platform development & partnerships.

community manager

Supporting and engaging community, as well as running shill raids and giveaways.
Admin Team Management.

lore & creative

Wordsmith, creative writer, lore creator, copy editor, chat administrator.
Marketing Scout.
Community Development.

ALIENbOT & management

Document creation, Listings management, Creative Writer & Proofreader, Reddit management.
Combot Management.

Twitter management

Alien admin, mass marketer, creative delivery.
Alien army twitter management and raider.
Soon-to-be 3D Modeler.


Chat moderator to support community with FAQs and updates.
Community engagement.
Community Presence.

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