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Website v3 is under development. Stay Tuned!

Alien Inu is


There is a new threat in the Inu-verse and it plans to discover & study the foreign species as well as their technology.

Alien Inu requests you join him or perish like those who declined.
He is growing an army of $ALIENs to take over the Ethereum Blockchain and needs as many recruits possible.
So, will you join the invasion?

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Team Finance

For the safety of your investment and to instill our trust, the liquidity pool tokens are locked in Team Finance for ONE YEAR.


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Constructed, detailed Medium articles for major announcements and updates in regards to Alien Inu.
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Certik is the number one auditing & KYC company for blockchain technology.
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Post and discuss anything and everything to do with Alien Inu. Community competitions and engagement also happens here.

Our Core Features & Tokenomics.

Token Supply & Burn

Total Tokens: 51 Sextillion (100%)
Burn: 17.85 Sextillion (35%)
BSC Allocation: 7.65 Sextillion (15%)
Circulating: 25.5 Sextillion (50%)

Development & Marketing

Alien Inu funds its marketing and development through a 10% tax for both buys and sells.

This is essential for the growth of the project and allows for full product development, as you'll see below!

Platform & NFT Marketplace

Alien Inu is building the steam-of-blockchain-gaming.

Within this platform called the 'Alienbase' you'll be able to track your wallet, view your rank, earn Alien Coins and trade relevant game NFTs on our NFT marketplace.

Find out more about the Alienbase and view our platform below.

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Alien Arcade & P2E Game

The Alien Arcade will be the central hub for every one of Alien Inu's games and all other partnership's games, too. We're the first to create a central hub for purely blockchain games, while also providing MANY other utilities as well.

There is still so much to show, view it below!

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Platform and NFT Marketplace

Alien Inu and The Alienbase

Our vision is simple yet gigantic:
We aim to be the Steam-of-Blockchain-Gaming.

(Figma preview may take a while to load, once loaded, click expand in the top right to view fully)

The Alienbase will be the leading central hub for all things blockchain gaming, everything you need to know will be there! Everything. A place to chat about blockchain gaming and a place to master blockchain gaming. The appeal of the Alienbase is wide, from mainstream players to indy games fans, making it easier than ever to connect with the blockchain player base. We bring the ability to find projects that you may have never heard of and the games that they are working on. This will allow for true exploration of everything there is to offer in this amazing newborn industry. We are also looking into becoming a "launch pad" for new games and create monetization within their games through our own dAPP Alienbase Platform. The alienbase is filling a huge market gap by providing a virtual place, known by all, that connects gamers and blockchain game makers.

All-in-One Central Hub for everything blockchain gaming, from project launches to game hosting. Earn Alien Coins to unlock and mint unique in-game NFTs.

An in-game item focused NFT Marketplace for any and every project that wishes to use it.

Ability to connect and chat amongst other blockchain gamers for any and all purposes revolved around gaming and relevant projects.

Alien Arcade & P2E Game

Alien Arcade and our P2E Game

The Alien Arcade is a section of the Alienbase that will be the host for all of Alien Inu's relevant games alongside being the core place to discover alternate project's P2E games that we have partnered with. We are the one-stop-shop for everything blockchain gaming.

We want competition, We want replayability, we want fun and we want to win something! The game for Alien Inu will be unique and fun in nature, with implementations of PvE, P2E and PvP with NFTs being a major component of the game, too. The game starts with the player choosing their own custom Alien Inu character, custom UFO and their own name. These custom skins will be NFT based and you will be able to earn different skins while ingame and customize / publish your own NFT. All modes will feature play to earn mode that can be toggled on or off. There will be three different modes to choose from: Adventuremode, Multiplayer Vs, Arcade Endless mode, and Training mode.

To the right is a Model of Alien Inu (10 Unique Models to come), alongside Alien Inu's UFO with shield powerup within our P2E game (Hover over the image)!


We still have our Alienswap to show on our platform and will update the site accordingly once we have UI to show.

Alien Launch Pad

The Alien Launch Pad is currently being developed and will be update for the site once we have finished it.

To understand the future of Alien Inu.

We have an enormous amount of content and milestones in store for this project and we are delivering on them weekly.

Explore the alien attack plan and discover what makes us not something of an average meme token, but an industry leader in blockchain gaming.

November 21st, 2021

Alien Inu Launches!

In the first 24 hours we achieved:
- $12.6 Million in volume
- 1,888 holders
- An ATH of 10x from the current price (12/21/21)
- Wallet distribution under 1% per address
- One of the craziest launches in crypto to date
Phase 1

Alien Inu's First Phase.

⁃ Token launch / liquidity Lock (1 Year)
⁃ Coingecko / CMC listing
⁃ 1000 TG members / holders
⁃ Start mass marketing campaign
⁃ Begin 3D models for game
(Completed Day 1)
Phase 2

Alien Inu's Second Phase.

⁃ Alienpaper release (Greylienpaper)
⁃ Announcement of secret utility (Alienbase)
⁃ Development of P2E Game
⁃ Development of Further Models
⁃ First Cex listing (Hotbit)
⁃ Community events and engagement

We had only just begun, this was all achieved on week 1 of Alien Inu's launch!

- Vundabar, Alien Inu Developer.

Phase 3

Alien Inu's Third Phase.

⁃ Certik Audit (Underway since day 2)
⁃ Website V2
⁃ Alien Paper (Revamped)
⁃ Alien Base Preview
⁃ More 3D Renders
⁃ $10M + MC
⁃ First Partnerships

Things have been moving fast, we're now 1 month old!
Thank you to everyone who has been apart of this.

- Vundarbar, Alien Inu Developer

Phase 4

Alien Inu's Fourth Phase.

⁃ Top 20 CEX listing
⁃ Alien Dashboard
⁃ Alien Staking
⁃ Alien NFT Drop

⁃ Alien Merch
⁃ Alien Arcades Trailer
⁃ KYC Certified Audit
⁃ $50M+ MC
⁃ Binance Smart Chain Bridge Release
Phase 5

Alien Inu's Fifth Phase.

⁃ Top 10 CEX listing
⁃ Alien Swap
⁃ Alien Launchpad
⁃ Alien Arcades Beta

⁃ P2E mini games
⁃ Alien global city invasion  (Time Square)
⁃ $100M + MC
Phase 6

Alien Inu's Sixth Phase.

⁃ Alien worldwide invasion  
⁃ Top 6 CEX listings
⁃ Alien bridges to other chains
- Alien Mask
⁃ Galactic Marketplace
⁃ Alien Arcades expansion
⁃ new games, e-sport tourneys and partnerships
⁃ Strategic Alliances
⁃ Secret Alien Utility xxxxxx
⁃ $1BN + MC
Phase 7

Alien Inu's seventh Phase.

Alien Inu is changing the Blockchain Gaming Industry.

Join the invasion
Bridging the gap between blockchains

We're launching on Binance Smart Chain!

Alien Inu has his sites set on a new blockchain to invade and he's taking you a long with him. The attack will be heavily planned and marketed before hand so all $ALIENs can prepare for the mission.

We'll find new recruits for our army once we arrive, so welcome them with open arms and make them feel at home!

Keep your eyes open for the missions announcement fellow $ALIENs.

Certik Audits & KYC

Alien Inu is Audited by Certik, the leading auditing company for Blockchain Projects.

Alien Inu Prides itself in being one of the safest investments users could participate in currently, and we're here to prove that to you. Certik is THE leading auditing company in the crypto space at the current moment, on top of doing KYC.

View Audit Progress

Alien Inu's current Galactic Alliances

We value our partners and will only join forces with the best possible Alliances in the Inuverse.
We're here to create a prestigious platform, one that creates bullish sentiment for the partnering projects. This truly shows Alienbases' value and bullishness, making us a leading industry project like SaitamaMask and ShibaSwap.

Alien Inu x Lil Tzuki

Little Tsuki Inu and Alien Inu assimilate to bring you out of this world tangible NFTs! Beam me up, doggy!

The partnership brings lots of potential to Alien Inu, with these tangible NFTs theere is the ability to have an amiibo feature within our game. An amiibo is a little figurine that can be scanned via NFC technology with any smart phone. Nintendo has done this with some of their games. You can see what Nintendo has done here:

We look forward to this integration for Alien Inu and its future prospects.

Partnership in the works.

To be announced

Partnership in the works.

To be announced